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News and events in and around Hallow


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July / August  Notes from Robert:

  1. Regretfully, I have had to take a rather pragmatic approach to worship over the summer months.  The normal programme has been preserved for July and nearly for August.  Thanks are due to Mary-Anne Keyes who returns to cover the 10am Service at Hallow.  The other thing to note is that 30th August is a Fifth Sunday and the services are therefore Benefice based.  I have however decided that as the following day is a bank holiday there will not be an evening service that day.
  2. I have arranged for Bridget Hathaway to visit the Benefice on 5th July.  It is a little while since Bridget was able to be with us and she will be our preacher at Holt and Grimley that morning.  We are also to have a bring and share lunch at the Peace Hall, Sinton Green, 12.30pm for 1.00pm so we can hear more about Bridget's work.
  3. All change:  we welcome this month a new Editor to our magazine.  Mrs Anne Stark has agreed to take on this task.  She is already making a lot of suggestions as to how she would like to modify things, so watch out for developments.  At the same time we say a big thank you to Cynthia Hammond, who has laboured hard over the last few years.  It was under Cynthia's management that the two Parish Magazines came together as one, and throughout she has been a wonderful Editor.
  4. Kingdom People:  The Diocese has arranged a day of fun, resourcing and worship.  There are all kinds of activities to share in.  It will take place in Worcester Cathedral on Saturday 10th October from 10.15pm  – 3.30pm.  Breakfast will be available from 9.30am and there is lunch and afternoon tea as well all provided free. Please book at AllTogether@cofeWorcester.org.uk or sign on the sheets in Church.
  5. I reach another landmark this year, as it is now 30 years since I was ordained Deacon in Lichfield Cathedral.  As you may recall I like doing something a little different on these occasions and so on 19th July we shall have a special Songs of Praise called “A History of Hymns”.  It will be an opportunity to indulge myself and I hope intrigue you.  Come and join us and stay briefly afterwards for refreshments.
  6. As the summer arrives I would like to invite the men of the Benefice to join me at an evening of fellowship at the Crown Inn, in Hallow on Tuesday 7th July at 7.30pm.  All are welcome.

September Notes from Robert:

  1. September services are much more along our usual pattern, but with some significant services and events.  On Sunday 6th September we have our next Memorial Eucharist at St Martin's Holt at the usual time of 6.30pm.  Help will be needed from across the Benefice as we have a very large number of people who are being remembered.
  2. Harvest. The last Sunday, 27th September 2015 brings Harvest to Grimley and Holt.  The services will include a Family Communion at Holt starting at 10.30am and the Benefice Evening Harvest Service at Grimley starting at 6.30pm.  The Harvest at Hallow is on Sunday 4th October. 
  3. On the evening of 13th September 2015 Tim Richards will join a number of other people who have completed Authorised Lay Ministry courses over the past year.  Tim has completed the Worship Leaders Module and has previously done the Children and Youth Module in his last parish.  In line with previous occasions there won't be a service in the Benefice that evening to encourage members to support Tim.  The service at the Cathedral begins at 6.30pm.
  4. The members of Holt PCC have taken a brave step to make it known that they are struggling to cover everything. Can I encourage everyone in the Benefice to pray for them as they go through this process. More information is elsewhere in this magazine.
  5. It was lovely to see Bridget Hathaway with us again.  Though we were few to gather round our shared lunch we were able to hear of what she had been doing in recent times.  We heard of her recent visits to Togo and Burundi.  Though she had to leave Burundi at short notice she told us that she had no difficulties in getting to Rwanda to catch the plane home.
  6. Our next WARM meeting will be at Holland House on Thursday 15th October.  The speaker is a personal friend of mine Geraint Hill who leads up the Consuming Fire Ministries which operates mainly at Dines Green.  More details will be published next month, but if you would like to book please have a word with me.
  7. The next Diocesan Healing Day is at Worcester Cathedral on Saturday 7th November 10.00am to 3.30pm.  The speaker is Rev. Anne Hibbert.  More details can be found elsewhere in the magazine.
  8. I am currently planning to run a Saints Alive course in Holt, preferably on a Monday evening.  If you are interested (whether you live in Holt or not), please get in touch with me.
  9. Harvest Supper.  It is planned to have a Harvest Supper at Holt on the evening of Saturday 26th September at Holt Village Hall beginning at 7.00pm.  Offers of help to Gill Wotton please.
  10. The next fund raising event for Hallow Church also takes place on the evening of Saturday 26th September with a Rock and Roll evening and dancing to the Pontiacs in Hallow Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.   Contact Mike Fowler for more information Tel 01905 421268



                      Hello There, 

I've had the privilege of worshipping at Hallow a couple times this year and would like to thank you for the really warm welcome. You took a real interest in me and made me feel at home. As we chatted over coffee, you asked me what I do for a living… And  I said I'm starting to work with a Christian mission organisation, TWR. What a lovely surprise it was to see the work of TWR and my role featured in one of the Sunday Spotlights a few weeks after my first visit! That's why I'd like to introduce myself properly.

I'm 26 and I come from Newport, South Wales.  In 2011 I finished my studies in London and moved to Vienna, Austria. A year later I began volunteering at TWR's office there. I had some time off work  and planned to help out on a short-term basis. BUT I soon sensed that God might have longer-term plans for me to support TWR's ministry in Europe. Fast-forward to 2013: I was appointed as Assistant  for TWR's European Ministries and began raising money for this role as a supported missionary. I currently teach English part-time whilst raising my support. My goal is to work full-time for TWR

...So what is TWR?

TWR (Trans World Radio) is a Christian mission, which uses media to spread the gospel. Founded in 1952, TWR began by using radio broadcasts to do this. We continue to use radio today, reaching some of the most difficult places in the world. And we also use all forms of new and emerging media. Together with partner organisations and local churches, we communicate in over 230 languages and dialects, reaching over 160 countries. Our vision is to produce lasting spiritual fruit, not simply to tell people about the gospel but to lead them from doubt to decision to discipleship. 


I get to hear so many amazing stories about lives that are transformed through the work that TWR is part of. I'm looking forward to sharing some of these with you through the parish magazine and service sheets. I may even get the opportunity to speak about TWR later this year. Thank you for encouraging me and praying for the work of TWR.  If you'd like to receive my quarterly newsletter or just to get in touch please contact me using the details below.

God Bless,


Email: rchonka@twr.org    Skype: r.chonka    Post:  3 Surrey Place, Newport, S. Wales, NP19 7GL



To hear all the latest news about TWR from me, ask me to send you my newsletter by email or post.



From tragedy to transformation

Peace Hall, Sinton Green, was filled to capacity again, on June 18th, for the fourth tea party organised by the Benefice Pastoral Care Working Group.  The valiant tea/coffee makers were busy all afternoon and the delicious sandwiches and cakes were appreciated by everyone.  

The 'entertainment' this time was a journey in pictures to Australia and New Zealand, ending up in Christchurch at the scene of the tragic earthquake 3 years ago.  The pictures of the new Transitional Cathedral, made substantially of cardboard, and the popularity of its use, were an inspiration to us all, and a reminder of the transforming power and love of God. 

The following prayer is printed here for several party-goers who asked for a copy, and for anyone else who would like to use it.  It is on display at the memorial of 185 white chairs that faces the new cathedral in the centre of Christchurch.

   Dear God,

   Give comfort and peace to those of us who are separated from loved ones.      May the ache in our hearts be the strengthening of our hearts.  May our longing bring resolve to our lives, conviction and purity to our love.  Teach us to embrace our sadness lest it turn to despair.  Transform our yearning into wisdom.  With the passage of time, let our hearts grow fonder.


Michael Leunig

Thanks were expressed to everyone who contributed in any way to the success of the afternoon.                                                             

House Groups

Please refer to the Diary page on this website for details of all house groups





Prayer Ministry Hour

An opportunity for some quiet reflection, a time to pray quietly on your own or to be prayed for.

In a busy world we have so little time to be still.


Everyone welcome, feel free to come and go as you please.

Make the most of this time and let God refresh you.


Monday 24th August at 7.00 pm

Monday 21st September at 7.00 pm



Wednesday, 10.00am Holy Communion

You will all be aware of my many and frequent pleas and encouragement for you to be in church each Sunday regularly. Sunday is the Lord's Day and its prime focus is on the worship of our God and so to keep the “Sabbath Day Holy”. However, I feel it important that I ask your help concerning our weekly Wednesday morning communion service.

There is a small group of people who gather in the Lady Chapel at Hallow to share in a short said service of Holy Communion. Throughout my time here, this has been supported by a group of ten or a dozen and sometimes more. In the last year or so many of the regulars have either died or are now unable to come, so that we are attracting just a few. Two and threes many weeks and though there can be more there is sometimes just one. We have never failed to have a service, (the vicar is not allowed to do it on his own) unless there has been very bad weather, but it might come to that.

In the past we used to stop and have coffee afterwards but there seems little point at present in doing this. A further issue is that Dorothea Bates, who looks after setting up and putting away, would rather like to give this up. There are a number of people who are ready to help, but none of them feel able to take on Dorothea's role.

Could I first of all encourage you to come along and be part of this little congregation? The service is very simple and lasts half an hour. Many have cherished this time of quiet weekday worship and we would love more to do so now. If anyone would be happy also to take on the setting up and take charge of the keys I would be very pleased to hear from you as well.

Please pray about this and come and help if you can.



                                                    St. Martins, Holt

Over the last year or so the P.C.C. at St. Martin's have been reflecting on the future of our church. Indeed along with the rest of the Benefice we have been trying to respond to the Bishop's challenge to contemplate where we are going as a church and our desire to be Kingdom People in Holt Parish.

However, over the last year or so we have had to recognise that we need more help. The core of our membership while dedicated and as active as they can be is not getting any younger. Consequently, we struggle to cover all the bases.

In order to tackle this issue we have turned to Rev. Andrew Mottram the Diocesan Heritage Building and Development Officer, who has advised us to hold a public meeting in order to share the details more widely. To put it simply we need more help to carry on and to preserve our church for the Parish. The Rector and the Parochial Church Council would like to invite you to an Open Meeting when we will share the hopes we hold and the difficulties we face, and with the help of Andrew Mottram, outline how you can help.

There is much to commend at Holt Church. We continue to value our partnership with St Bartholomew, Grimley and our place in the wider Benefice.  We enjoy our connection with Grimley and Holt School and enjoy their visits both to the Church and when we have shared in community events.  We also try to support other community issues within the Parish as well. There is also a faithful congregation and we are able to offer both contemporary and traditional worship. Above all, there is still very much a sense of blessing among us as we seek to respond to and make known the love of Jesus.

Details of this meeting are below. Please do your best to come and hear how you can help us.

Robert Latham


St Martin's, Holt

The Parish Church for 

Holt, Holt Heath and the Parish of Ockeridge



Your Parish Church is faced with closure

To fully explain the challenges facing our church, the Rector and Parochial Church Council invite you to an




Holt Village Hall, Holt Heath

Tuesday 13th October at 7:30pm

Please come. We need your support.




More News and Events information coming soon....






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