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Black lives matter

Many of us have watched with alarm the situation unfolding in the United States. And it is understandable that we look with horror- transfixed by the events “over there”. But there is a danger in doing that. We must not look at the USA, shaking our heads sympathetically at the plight of racial minority communities…
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Pentecost midweek reflection

Here is this week’s midweek reflection – this time about images of the Holy Spirit. I do hope you find it helpful.  

Mary and Elizabeth

Today the church remembers with joy the “visitation” of Mary (unexpectedly pregnant with Jesus) to her cousin Elizabeth (unexpectedly pregnant with John the Baptist). Two “unplanned” pregnancies which were to turn the world upside down. How different these two women were, and how different their feelings must have been. I wonder, had they known, Elizabeth…
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Service for Pentecost, 31st May 2020

It’s Sunday again! And it’s Pentecost!! Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement this week. It has been wonderful to see some real answers to prayer- and real love and neighbourliness. We are now at the end of the Novena of Thy Kingdom Come but let’s keep praying for the gift of the Holy…
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Praying through colouring

Praying through Colouring When I spent a week with a prison chaplaincy team a couple of years back, I was amazed by how many prisoners found peace through colouring. Contemplative colouring is quite a trend at the moment. But whether you are 8 or 88, the joy of bringing a picture to life through colouring…
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Praying through listening

If you are anything like me, you will have been talking to people a lot over the last couple of months of lockdown. You will have heard and received a lot of information- people’s anxieties, hopes and fears. People’s frustrations and spoiled plans and difficulties. As you receive those feelings from people, listening carefully, lovingly,…
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Praying through cleaning

There is something about cleaning: hoovering, washing dishes, changing bedsheets. Or we might be cleaning church. It may not be very glamorous but it is an essential part of keeping ourselves and others healthy. We can all recognise that an inner winter has set in when someone chooses to live in squalid conditions. The bible…
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1 Peter – hope and assurance

Here is the last of our series on 1 Peter- on hope and assurance- I hope you find it helpful.

Praying through walking

We are all familiar with the idea of pilgrimage- walking to a particular holy site- but walking is also very often how people met Jesus- as he walked along teaching them- on the road to Emmaus for example. Many of us at the moment are discovering how, in daily walks, we can slow right down,…
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