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Psalm 150

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” One of the Psalms set for this morning is the last Psalm in the book- Psalm 150. It is a sort of triumphant “final chord” in the symphony of praise, lament, joy and longing that runs through the whole of the collection of these songs which were…
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1 Peter 2. 1-10

Hello- I hope you are getting on Ok today. Here is the link to the fourth of our reflections for mid week on 1 Peter. I find it such a reassuring letter- and I hope you will find something encouraging in it too. 1 Peter 2. 1-10

Service for Sunday 10th May 2020

Happy Sunday! We would love you to join us for worship-you will find the link below. Service for Sunday 10th May 2020

Our third reflection on 1 Peter

It’s another beautiful day. I hope you are doing OK. Here is the third of our series of reflections on 1 Peter- which is about finding dignity and following the example of Jesus when times are hard. I hope you find it helpful. Reflection on 1 Peter 2.19-23 Please remember that we are here for…
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Psalm 139

Today’s Psalm set for morning prayer is Psalm 139- so well known and well loved. I am always particularly struck by the verse “darkness and light to you are both alike” – we are never hidden from God, even when we feel that darkness surrounds us. This is a beautiful setting of the Psalm and…
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They shall all know me

You might have seen in the papers or online over the weekend that during the current crisis a quarter of adults have “tuned in” to or watched a religious service on TV or online, and of those, one in five say they have never previously gone to church. In young adults, aged 18-34, one third…
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Sunday service 3rd May 2020

It’s Sunday! I hope you are in good heart. Below is the link for this Sunday’s service. As we continue to journey through these trying weeks I am thankful always for your prayers, and so encouraged by your faithfulness and thoughtfulness. Sunday Service 3rd May 2020 May God bless you and yours today.

St Philip and St James day

No, I haven’t posted this picture as a warning against DIY haircuts during the lockdown- this is a picture of St Philip and St James, the patron saints of one of our churches- St Philip and St James, Hallow, whose patronal festival falls today. Both Philip and James were members of that first band of…
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Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel

I was struck by this morning’s gospel reading- about the birth of a baby boy- John – who would grow up to be known as John the Baptist. John was born to parents- Elizabeth and Zechariah, who had long since given up on the hope of their own child. Although they had lived good lives…
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