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Have you ever wondered how Hallow Church always manages to look so spic and span?

This is because there is a small team of people who spare approximately FOUR HOURS A YEAR to wield a duster, hoover, mop or broom to ensure that our place of worship is welcoming. The guidelines are very flexible as we are so pleased to have volunteers that you can do a minimum of cleaning or, as most, a very thorough job depending on the time you have available. We are always looking to add other willing souls to the list and would be pleased if you would consider joining the team.

You don’t need to be a regular church goer to be included on the rota, all are welcome!

In brief:  the rota is based on a two week slot, and during the two weeks the volunteers come in at their leisure to do the allotted cleaning jobs,   No heavy work is involved.

For further information or to join the team please fill in the form below. We would be pleased to add your name to the list!

Many hands make light work.

Upward hands