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Our finances

St Philips and St James, like every other church, has to juggle finances.

First of all we have to pay our day to day bills and also ensure that the fabric of the church is kept in a good condition.

We also give to various missions as a result of the donations for the tea and coffee provided at our services – but we would like to give more.

Finally we try to pay our Parish Share. It has been a number of years since we paid our full share and there will probably be a shortfall this year as has been the case with other parishes. The combined shares from all Parishes in the Diocese are used to fund the Diocesan staff, and also to fund Parish Clergy salaries, pensions and housing. For several years our clergy in Hallow have been funded in part by other Parishes. The Diocese is now embarking on a series of redundancies of Diocesan staff in order to try to manage the shortfall in income.


We all have choices to make about what we can afford to gift, and how we do that. Please prayerfully consider what you currently give to the church, and whether you might be able to make a regular gift or a “one off” gift- all gifts are received with grateful thanks, and carefully stewarded.

Regular giving helps us to meet our costs, and can be a tax efficient way to give. Could you consider what you give week by week? We know that already some give as much as they can. If you pay tax do you Gift Aid? This costs you nothing but increases your gift by 25% as we can claim a refund from HMRC for this extra amount.

If you normally give by envelope, please could you consider either

  • sending a cheque instead, to represent what you normally give? Cheques should be made payable to “PCC of Hallow” and posted to The Vicarage, Court Close, Main Road, Hallow WR2 6PW
  • giving by standing order? This saves you having to hunt for your collection week by week and also reduces our work in administration. Our account name is PCC of Hallow, sort code 55-81-36 and account number 90113179

Alternatively you can donate via the Charities Aid Foundation here

If you would like to know more about how you can help, then please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.