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Giving and Receiving

Can you help us, Can we help you?


During the COVID19 outbreak, like every other church, we are having to review our priorities- how shall we use the resources we have?

We have to:

  • Proclaim the gospel- even if we can’t meet in our church building.
  • Help people to carry on worshipping, praying and growing together by posting resources out to people, staying in touch by phone, running bible studies and prayer groups remotely, recording services etc.
  • Keep reaching out to those in our community who are struggling to put food on the table or pay their bills (we are running a special fund set aside for this)
  • Show our love for those further afield by supporting local Food Banks and other organisations such as Christian Aid which provide help for those who need it and empower people to live independently.
  • Keep our buildings safe for everyone and in good repair, ensure that they are well maintained,
  • Pay our “Parish Share”- this is what pays for our clergy, and also what pays for vital services from our Diocese such as Safeguarding advice to keep vulnerable people protected, and education and training so that we can all grow together in maturity in Christ.

Even before the COVID outbreak, the Diocese was suffering a significant financial shortfall. With the closure of churches, our parish income has dropped by about 50%- and now more than ever- WE WOULD LOVE YOUR HELP!


We all have choices to make about what we can afford to gift, and how we do that. Please prayerfully consider what you currently give to the church, and whether you might be able to make a regular gift or a “one off” gift- all gifts are received with grateful thanks, and carefully stewarded.

Regular giving helps us to meet our costs, and can be a tax efficient way to give. Could you consider what you give week by week? We know that already some give as much as they can. If you pay tax do you Gift Aid? This costs you nothing but increases your gift by 25% as we can claim a refund from HMRC for this extra amount.

If you normally give by envelope, please could you consider either

  • sending a cheque instead, to represent what you normally give? Cheques should be made payable to “PCC of Hallow” and posted to The Vicarage, Court Close, Main Road, Hallow WR2 6PW
  • giving by standing order? This saves you having to hunt for your collection week by week and also reduces our work in administration. Our account name is PCC of Hallow, sort code 55-81-36 and account number 90113179

Alternatively you can make one off or regular donations via the Charities Aid Foundation here

Some people decide to leave a legacy to their local church.  A legacy in your Will could enable us to make a significant difference to the church building and the community we serve. We are always delighted and grateful to receive legacies and we are more than willing to spend your money as you would like it spent.

If you would like to know more about how you can help, then please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.


Are you struggling financially because of the COVID19 outbreak or do you know somebody who is? Has your small business folded? Have you run out of cash for groceries? Are you having trouble meeting a utility bill, a rental payment or funeral expenses? Has the fridge just packed up? IF YOU NEED HELP, PLEASE CONTACT US – we are running a fund to try to help those who need it. Please don’t suffer in silence. All requests for help will be treated sensitively and in confidence.