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A message from Rev. Kalantha – is there any good news?

Is there any good news?

At the moment- as I write this on March 14th, we don’t know what the coming month will bring. Of course, we never know what the coming month will bring but at the moment life does seem especially unpredictable!

We very much hope that we will be able to celebrate Easter- the resurrection- the very best news- in our churches, but this will have to be kept under review, following guidance from Public Health England.

Please keep checking out our websites



And our Facebook page (@HallowChurch) for details.

Even if our services, sporting events and social gatherings have to be cancelled, the good news of Jesus is never cancelled. At times of war and disease and fear it becomes more important than ever to hold on to the good and focus on the unchanging love of God.

As we feel isolated, now is a good time to pray for those whose faith always has to be practised in isolation or in secrecy- such as those believers in North Korea and China and India.

If we feel a sense of fear about our loved ones becoming unwell, then now is a good time to offer that feeling as a prayer for those whose lives are always lived under that shadow- the many millions for whom access to healthcare is impossible because of war or poverty.

As we are reminded of our own frailty, now is a good time to pray for those whose frailty is often unseen- those with “invisible” disabilities or illnesses.

When you self isolate, or stay away from a gathering, you are in fact acting in solidarity with your neighbours, protecting them and seeking to reduce the burden on our doctors and nurses. You are engaging in a profoundly communal act- even if it feels as though you are alone. You are loving your neighbour.

So, in the weeks ahead

  • Be kind- to yourself and to others.
  • Stay in touch- call, email and text your friends, family and neighbours
  • Give thanks- for the small things- a good cup of coffee, a good book, a sunny morning
  • Follow advice– keep handwashing, limit physical contact with others and self isolate if you feel unwell.
  • Ask for help– if you are stuck, running out of loo roll or just plain lonely- call someone and let them know. Call me if you want to talk. Whether or not you attend church, I’m your vicar, and I will do whatever I can to make sure that, as a church, we support you.


Revd Kalantha

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