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All things in heaven and earth

Today’s morning prayer reading includes this lovely passage from Colossians:
“For in Christ all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him God was pleased to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, by making peace through the blood of his cross”

As Christians we often focus on how Jesus Christ came to rescue US – from our broken relationships, our alienation from God, our inner discomfort and our attachments to all the wrong things. But the bible claims much more than that for what Jesus did on the cross. It says ALL THINGS in earth and heaven were reconciled to God through Christ.

The whole creation- every bumblebee and mouse and mushroom, every river and bog and desert. That’s why, as one of the marks of a vibrant church, we always talk about tending creation carefully, and why our Diocese, along with others, is now focusing increasingly on our ecological impact.

Many people have already observed how the lockdown is teaching us to appreciate our natural surroundings more fully. I know I’m not alone in taking time to appreciate the birdsong and the spring skies that might have just been a backdrop in a “normal” spring, but now seem to be particular gifts and blessings. We are hearing encouraging things too about improved air quality and water quality as our habits have had to change. This is really good news that we can hold on to at a time when so much of our news seems to be very bad news indeed.

When we go back to a life which is free of the restrictions we are currently under, let’s make a real effort to remember that the whole creation- and not just humankind- is loved and redeemed by God. Let’s try to see ourselves not as the central actors in some grand drama- but as truly connected to the world around us, part of a redeemed creation.

Today let’s give thanks for all the wonder and beauty of the created order and let’s try to seek God’s presence through it and in it.

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