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Ascension Day Service

Happy Ascension Day!!!
Our Ascension Day service is here.
I hope you will find it uplifting
Ascension Day marks the beginning of an exciting 9 days of prayer as we move towards Pentecost.
I am hoping we will all pray, at midday every day, for “5 people and 5 places” where we long for God’s kingdom to come, simply by bringing those people and places to mind, and praying the Lord’s prayer over them and for them.
You might want to look at the Thy Kingdom Come website- or there is a “Thy Kingdom Come” App. I will be posting little thoughts for the day here – so let’s keep praying with hope and faith, that God will move among us and in our communities.
If you are not sure about praying- or you are just “dropping by” this page out of curiosity and you would like to know more about our faith in Jesus, do get in touch- rev.kalantha@gmail.com

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