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Christian Aid Week

Dear Friends

You may have heard that that this year’s Christian Aid appeal focuses on families in Zimbabwe, where the climate crisis is causing dreadful hunger for families. With the help of donations, they could grow drought-resistant crops, set up water taps on farms and learn how to grow food in the harsh climate. Dry, dusty land could be transformed into gardens of hope, abundant with fresh food such as tomatoes, beans and cucumbers, and children could enjoy their first full meal in months.

You probably have many requests from charities asking for your support and I also understand that everyone’s finances are stretched at the moment, but I would ask you to consider helping Christian Aid alleviate the hunger in Zimbabwe, where the climate crisis is having such a devastating effect, and so many children go to bed each day, hungry.

If you are comfortable donating ‘online’, the following link will take you directly to our Christian Aid giving page:


If giving on-line is not your ‘thing’, there are collection tins at both Hallow Post Office and Ladygo Stores, or phone me on 07729 846753 and I will deliver a Christian Aid ‘giving’ envelope to you, and collect it

The online giving site is available until the end of June, when it’s funds will transfer to the national Christian Aid Account. I will then also bank the cheques/cash received in envelopes and collection boxes, and let you know how much we have raised.

With many thanks for reading this, and I offer you this prayer:

Merciful Father, we seek your presence as we pray.  Meet us Lord at our point of need, and connect us with the needs of others, as we pray particularly for the suffering communities in Zimbabwe.  May the stories of how climate change has increased hardship and famine, make us hungry for justice and even more impatient for change. We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, who loves all his people equally and before ascending into Heaven, commanded us to continue to act out His love on earth, seeking justice for all, at all times.  Amen.

Doreen Jeeves – Christian Aid Rep.  West Worcester Beacon Group of Churches


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