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Giving and receiving – a message from Kalantha



I have been – and continue to be – so encouraged by all that is going on in our church and wider community at the moment.

I’m rather wary of overusing the word “challenge”- but this pandemic really has been an extraordinary challenge all of us, and I am so heartened by the way people have responded.

We have suffered some awful losses in the past year, but our life of prayer has deepened, and I believe that we have grown in compassion for one another and trust in God. I really hope you feel that you have been “receiving “ from church during this season.


As a result of your generosity, here are just some of the things we have been able to do to help who have needed a hand:

  1. A single parent who needed a tablet to enable their children to access online learning.
  2. Someone who had fallen into the 5 week “benefit gap” and was struggling to pay their rent- we were able to make a payment to their Housing Association.
  3. Someone who was shielding, and whose food parcels had not been arriving from the NHS- we delivered food until the “glitch” was sorted out.
  4. Several families identified as “struggling” with rent and food bills by our headteachers.
  5. Someone who had become unemployed receiving an “entry level” laptop to enable them to access employability skills training and websites advertising available jobs.
  6. One of our schools which needed some additional tablets being assisted to enable every child to access learning.
  7. Cream teas for some of the more isolated members of our community.

Your contributions to the Food Bank are also really valued- please keep going!

To those of you who have sent cheques in lieu of regular envelope giving, sent stamps to help with postage costs, switched to standing order giving, or reviewed and increased your giving Thank you so much!!

Looking ahead:

All our churches are losing regular income- this is because, even though many of our regular givers donate by standing order, we don’t receive as much as we would if we took collections on a Sunday. We are also losing other fee income- for example ALL the weddings booked for Hallow in 2020 were either postponed or cancelled.

Without an adequate income, it is very difficult for us to maintain our mission and pay our parish share. If we don’t pay our parish share, the Diocese struggles to pay clergy stipends- and has already made a decision to cut at least 15 posts by 2023.

Our costs this year have not fallen! We have still had to maintain and insure our buildings, and we have spent a lot of money on keeping in touch with people by post.


Your continued giving is really important and really valuable- it supports the most vulnerable in our communities and it supports what we are seeking to do as a church- sharing the good news of God’s love and growing in faith.

 Please pray about what you might be able to do at this time and, if it seems right to you, please help us by making a donation towards our work at this time. You can

  • send a cheque,
  • donate via the Giving and Receiving page at www.hallowchurch.co.uk
  • review your giving and your existing Standing Order
  • Gift Aid what you already give if you are a taxpayer
  • Consider a legacy to the church if you are making a will.


If you are in trouble financially- worrying about how you are going to meet your rent, or replace the washing machine that’s just packed up…….PLEASE don’t suffer in silence. We are here to help. Please get in touch with me or one of your churchwardens.

Finally, if you have any questions, please contact me, your churchwardens or your Treasurer. Thank you all for everything that you are doing and being at this difficult time. May God bless you in every way.

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