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Hallow Home Group

The Hallow Home Group is now up and running! This term we are looking at the ‘Pilgrim Course’ and here are the dates and topics we’ll be discussing:

Pilgrim Course
A course for the Christian journey
Stage 1 – Turning to Christ
7-9 pm at Chapel House, Moseley Road

Wednesday 18 September – Session One: Do you turn to Christ?
Wednesday 2 October – Session Two: Do you believe and trust in God the Father?
Wednesday 16 October – Session Three: Do you believe in his son Jesus Christ?
Wednesday 30 October – Session Four: Do you believe in the Holy Spirit?
Wednesday 13 November – Session Five: Do you repent your sins?
Wednesday 27 November – Session Six: Do you renounce evil?
Saturday 14 December – Party!

If you would like to join the group or even just pop along to check us out, please contact Paul Wilcox at paulfwilcox429@gmail.com

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