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Hallow parish magazine – editor required!

Artistic flair? IT Skills? Community minded? Calm?

Could you be our new editor?

Following the sad death of Anne Stark, the Hallow parish magazine is in need of a new editor.

The parish magazine is a great community resource and an important link for many people to what is going on in the parishes of Hallow, Grimley and Holt.

This is a voluntary, part-time position which could be shared by two people or by a small team (you don’t have to live in Hallow to do this!!)

 What does it involve?? 

The main tasks are

  • Gathering contributions, fitting and formatting them into pages and putting them in order.
  • Forwarding content to the printer and liaising with the printer if any problems arise.
  • Anyone with an artistic flair and good IT skills would enjoy the role.
  • You will need patience with contributors- not all of whom stick to print deadlines!

You would not need to be involved with:

 collection of the magazines from the printers or distribution; or 

collection of payment from advertisers and subscribers – as these tasks are dealt with by others.

Interested? Please contact –rev.kalantha@gmail.com, or phone 07808 295457 to discuss.

If you would like to “see how it’s done” hands on over the weekend of 16th and 17th January, that can be arranged too!

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