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Help us choose a name!

As you probably know, locally we have now become a group of four churches: Hallow, Lower Broadheath and Grimley with Holt – which is quite a mouthful!!

Recently we decided it would be good to have a name for our new group:

  1. To reflect our identity as a group working together.
  2. To enable us to come together intentionally.
  3. To make communicating with people outside the church easier- through a joint front page for a website, invitations to particular events and so on.

But what should our name be?

Lots of groups of churches have names:

  • Geographical – like “The Bredon Hill Group”
  • Visual pictures like “The Hook”. “The Boat” “Lighthouse”
  • Biblical images like “Emmanuel” or “Good shepherd” or “Living bread”
  • Words like “Hope” or “Vision”

Some use acronyms or anagrams.

Can you help us choose a name?

There will be suggestion boxes in all our churches and Post Offices until Easter- and we will consider all the suggestions carefully. Or please email your suggestion to rev.kalantha@gmail.com

There will be a prize hamper for the winning entry!

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