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Holy Saturday, 11th April 2020

Our Gospel reading for today is John 19.38-end
You can see the reflection here

There is an Easter Vigil liturgy you can use at home this evening if you wish- please email me at rev.kalantha@gmail.com if you would like it.
We will be lighting our fire at 8pm.
It needn’t be a great big fire- and the usual caveats about smoking your neighbours’ laundry and not leaving your children unattended apply…
BUT lighting a fire in the darkness, and this year of all years, will be a powerful symbol, if you feel able to join in

My prayer for you all is that you will know the love and presence of God today, whatever the day may hold.
Please do be in touch if you are struggling or would just like to chat- and thank you for the many kind Easter wishes and cards we have received here at the Vicarage.

Every blessing

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