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Praying through cooking

Often cooking food is the way we express our love for other people- we make “comfort food” for them- we ask them what their favourite things are, we try to feed our children a diet which will make them strong and healthy, we try to coax an invalid with a little something which we know will light their eyes up. As we season a dish, or stir up the batter for a cake, we make something which is more than the sum of its parts. We cook with love, we create with joy. Just as God delights to feed us, Our living bread.

Pray for cooks
Pray for chefs, and home makers – anyone who puts food on your plate. The people who come up with amazing new recipes- and the people who cook your favourite things “just right”. Give thanks for the hours of careful preparation which go into our food, and for all the good meals we have enjoyed, cooked by others.

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