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Praying through playing

Praying through playing
You might be familiar with the idea of “Godly play”- when we let a simple story take our imaginations wandering, talking to children about what might be going on “I wonder who this is” “I wonder what will happen next”. When we make time to play with other people- especially with children, we give space to imagination and creativity and joy. We allow little impossibilities to be dreamed out in front of us “I am a unicorn” or “I have a magic carpet”. We make space for the creation of good things. Just as God tenderly makes time for us and our deepest desires.

Pray for play workers and early years staff
All those people who help children to grow and learn through playing, including parents, grandparents, Godparents and neighbours. Give thanks for all the playfulness you have enjoyed in your life and all the playmates you have had.

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