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Tuesday’s Holy Week reflection

Dear All
Good morning! I hope you and yours are well. Another beautiful morning.

Today’s gospel reading is John 12.20-36
Our reflection is given by Paul- Thank you Paul!
You can watch Paul’s reflection here

As our news gets stranger and harder to hear, and as we settle in for our third week of lockdown, let’s keep our eyes on Jesus, who is always calling us to pray, and whose love never falters.
I thank you for your prayers for me and I pray for each of you that today you will be given strength and endurance and the gifts of perseverance, character and hope that are poured into our hearts by God’s Holy Spirit in times of trouble (Romans 5).

Please continue to pray for our leaders- not only the Prime Minister but for wisdom, strength and peace for all those making difficult decisions at this time- often with incomplete information and in extraordinarily stressful circumstances. It is hard to imagine the weight of responsibility they must feel.

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you are struggling or just fancy a chat. Every blessing Revd Kalantha

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