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We are now looking forward to our Annual Parish Meetings and PCC elections.

The last year has brought a lot of change- and the change has been felt in our churches as much as anywhere else- in spite of all our losses and sadnesses we have a lot to give thanks for- and much to think about- we can’t just rewind to where we were 18 months ago.

  • We have learned to worship in different ways – and our online worship will continue to be an important part of who we are and what we do.
  • We have learned the importance of our faith- and the hunger of many people around us to find comfort and hope in these hard times.
  • We have learned the necessity of change and innovation in reaching out to people who don’t yet know the love of God.
  • We have moved Deanery! This might seem like a rather arcane change, but it signifies a real change in the function of our Deanery, as a place of encouragement and sharing resources, not just as a tier of “governance”.

I truly hope that you will see this time as I do, as a time of real opportunity, to renew and reach out, bringing the light and hope of Christ to people in new ways. Our PCCs are absolutely central to how we operate as church communities- they weigh up and pray through our options and make decisions and speak for the people in the pews. We are going to be starting our worship in church buildings again soon, coming together again, and we will need to be really positive and creative about how we move ahead.

Might God be calling you to stand as part of the PCC in your parish church? Or to stand as a churchwarden? Please really think and pray about this, consider carefully whether this might be the right time for you to step forward. If you think you might want to stand, please contact me (rev.kalantha@gmail.com) or speak to someone you know who serves on the PCC and ask them about it!

 Our annual meetings will be on the following dates

St Martin’s Holt Thursday April 8th 7pm (several vacancies including churchwarden)

Christ Church, Lower Broadheath Tuesday April 27th 7pm (no vacancies at present)

St Philip and St James Hallow Tuesday May 11th 7pm (several vacancies including churchwarden)

St Bartholomew’s Grimley Thursday May 13th 7pm (vacancies)

At the moment we are planning that these will be held in our church buildings, socially distanced, face coverings will be worn. If that changes for any reason, we will let you know!

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