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Your church is open!

We are delighted to be able to open Hallow church for private prayer. Thanks to a great team of volunteers we are confident that you will be able to come and pray in a peaceful, calm, safe environment.

The church has been cleaned thoroughly. There will be regular cleaning down, social distancing will be observed and stewards will be on duty to assist you. Please email rev.kalantha@gmail.com with any queries.

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  1. Sallie Dixon says:

    Just like to say Thankyou to Garden Craft and the amazing transformation of the Church Yard. Stunning. I come over twice a year, and always equipped with bin bags,spade.water in bottle and a heavy heart, but this year me and my daughter were so happy to see all the work done.AMAZING!! Mum & Dad are both there together up by the main gate 3 down
    Kenneth Paterson & Betty Paterson (whos stone has been revealved again) Mole hills removed (Mum’s bugbear on the home lawns at BRINGSTY). All so lovely and smart. Well done to all on the hard work .Will be back Summer time. Thankyou again. SALLIE.

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